Silicone coated fabric flexible connector

Silicone coated fabric flexible connector has the advantage of energy saving, air duct using a variety of high-performance non-metallic organic materials and inorganic materials with several kinds of metal additives, the fire-resistant grade is A1 level (non-combustible), which is acid and alkali resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging, flexibility, etc. It’s used for flexible connection of air conditioning, anti-corrosion, smoke control, radiation prevention, and purification ventilation systems.
silicone coated fabric flexible connector
The type of connection: Batten connection, flange connection, hoop connection. The connection can be customized.
Silicone coated fabric flexible connector: The material is non-metallic with high temperature, anti-aging, good sealing performance. Material: fluororubber, silicone cloth, glass fiber cloth, steel mesh, steel wire cloth, asbestos cloth and other materials.

Silicone coated fabric flexible connector is specially used for the connection between the smoke exhaust fan and the exhaust pipe, in the case of fire, preventing the fire from burning to ensure the operation of exhaust air duct to achieve the purpose of exhaust. Silicone coated fabric flexible connector greatly reduce the fire caused by personal injury, it’s an integral part of construction, air defense projects, subway projects, public places, ships fire exhaust system. Silicone coated fabric flexible connector has the advantage of anti-corrosion, shock absorption, non-combustible.

Silicone coated fiberglass cloth: high strength, high temperature glass fiber cloth as the base fabric, and curing silicone rubber layer at high temperature, process into finished products. It’s high-performance, multi-purpose new composite materials. Silicone cloth with flame retardant, fireproof, high temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, etc., and the texture is relatively soft, which is suitable for various shapes of flexible connector.

The long term working temperature of Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is at -70℃ (or lower) to + 250℃(or higher). It’s widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, large power generation equipment, machinery, steel plants, metallurgy, non-metallic expansion joints and other fields.

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