Plant Polyurethane resins for composites

CPA and Purcom launch PUGreen that is a vegetable-based polyurethane resin for composites applications. Its properties meet the main needs of the composites industry, such as lightness, strength, finish and sustainability.

The formulation of PUGreen, details Paulo Macaúbas, responsible for the area of development of new business and products of the CPA, is based on a blend of various vegetable oils.

“It is a resin derived from renewable sources, with a content of 90-100% solids and zero emission of volatiles, which makes it a unique product in Brazil when it comes to vegetable polyurethane,” notes Paulo Macaúbas, who is responsible for the CPA department focusing on development of new business and products. “Thus, in addition to being environmentally friendly and not polluting the atmosphere, PUGreen is odourless, which improves the working condition of the applicator.” he explained.

PUGreen is also said to offer other benefits compared to other composite resins. These include higher elongation and higher abrasion resistance, coupled with good impact properties. A low exothermic peak results in practically no shrinkage and therefore better surface finish.

“Another differential is the weight reduction, which is between 6% and 12%, depending on the type of part,” reports Macaúbas. “This feature addresses the growing trend of the composite industry for the pursuit of lightness.”

Since 2006, CPA has focused on the production of plant resins for industrial flooring. Over recent years CPA has been investing in the development of products for the composites market. This resulted in the creation of PUGreen and the alliance with Purcom, which has been supplying composite moulders for over 15 years.

Since our inception, we have developed polyol from renewable resources, but mainly for the production of foams, not resins. Now, in the partnership with CPA, we have included our portfolio in vegetal polyurethane resin for the most diverse composite conversion processes. Pugreen is a product with CPA technology and purcom expertise,” said Giuseppe Santachè, the company’s commercial director.

Purcom will be responsible for the manufacturing of the novelty, together with the CPA – the commercialization, in turn, will be made by the systems house. At their booth at Feiplar, as well as at CPA?s, visitors will be able to check QuickFloor, the first product molded with PUGreen?.

Created by G12 Innovation and produced by AJB Composites, QuickFloor is a modular and industrialised floor covering ideal for wet areas of buildings, such as bathroom, kitchen and laundry. It is a practical, clean and sustainable solution that contributes to the waterproofing of the area, since the boards manufactured with PUGreen are impermeable and moulded in a single piece.

Future developments will target the transport market, focusing on buses and trucks, as well as in the marine industry.

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